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Access DocuSign Documents you signed from a free account

How do I access the DocuSign documents that I signed?

Did you sign up for a free DocuSign account during the signing process?

If YES, go to and log in with your email and password. On the DocuSign console, select the Manage tab. Your documents are listed there.

If NO, you can access the document by opening the DocuSign “Completed” email. This email is sent to you once you have finished signing a DocuSign document. See the instructions below.

Note: In some cases, your documents might be attached to the Completed email.

1. Open the DocuSign “Completed” email.

2. Do one of the following:Click View in DocuSign or REVIEW DOCUMENT to open the documents in your browser.


Copy the multicharacter security code at the bottom of the email, go, and click Access Documents.

The Access Your Document page opens.

  1. Paste the security code from the DocuSign Completed email, and click Go.

The document that you signed opens.

  1. You can now print or download your documents.

To print your documents: Click the Print icon. A PDF version of the completed documents appears and you can now print the documents.

To download your documents. Click the Download icon. The Secure File Download dialog box opens.

There are two options:

Combined Document: Click this option to open a PDF file version of your documents. You can view and save the PDF from this window.

Archive of all Documents: Click this option to save all of your documents as a zip file. Follow the download instructions for your browser.

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