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If Pinned to Another Agent

Sometimes a Fox Roach agent can become "pinned" to another Fox Roach Agent. 

When this happens the agent will see another agent's picture or contact on their listing from

If the agent is on a Team, it is not uncommon for the Contact information to show the TEAM and not the list agent.  If that is not the case, perform one or both steps below:

1.  Make sure you are not logged onto a HomePilot Account. Click "logout"

2.  If that does not work, you may just be Pinned.  This can happen when an agent sends you a pinned link that adds a cookie to your site. 

To clear the cookie:  Click this link 


NOTE: to disable a miss-assigned home pilot account: do the following:  Click on Preferences, 


Uncheck email address and remove USERNAME and pw:


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