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Agent Metrics - How to register agent metrics and install agent metrics

Using AgentMetrics®, you can create your own HomExpert Market Condition reports - powerful tools to communicate key information to your Clients - Making you the HomExpert! All reports are in PDF format for ease of printing and e-mailing to clients.

To view the AgentMetrics Webinar, click here.

Two Step process 1. Create Id, 2. Download to your PC (optional)

This Registration Process allows you to create your own ID:

  1. All agents (in Trend, Lehigh Valley and South Jersey Shore MLSs) can participate. You will need your MLS Agent ID# in order to complete the Registration process. If you are a member of more than one MLS, you will need to register for each MLS. You will have separate AgentMetrics® accounts with different user names.
  2. Go to the internet and type in the following registration URL:
  3. You should see the AgentMetrics® registration page for BHHS Fox & Roach. From there, just click the “Download AgentMetrics” link.
  4. Copyd848da3257c5.png
  5. This will bring you to a System Requirements page. Click “Continue” which will bring you to the Login page.
  6. Copyfb81209b9936.png
  7. Select the MLS you are a member, type-in your agent ID, and click “Login."
  8. Copy9dc0fe0c50a3.png
  9. You will now go to a simple registration page and be asked to provide some basic information (e.g., Challenge question and E-mail address). Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. Fill in the required fields and click “Submit.”

You can stop here unless you need to do the install, then proceed as follows:

Installing AgentMetrics® on your personal computer (Windows-based): 

  1. After ‘Submitting’ your Registration it will bring you to the AgentMetrics® installation page, and may bring up a “Security Warning” dialog box. Click “Yes” on the Security Warning Dialog Box.
  2. Then click “Start Installer for Windows.” This will begin the installation process, which may take a few moments.
  3. Continue through the screens for the install process (which may also take a few moments).
  4. When you are finished, close out of your browser. You are now ready to use the application and will notice an AgentMetrics® icon on your desktop. Whenever you want to use the application, double-click on the icon and fill in your password and ID.
  5. Start creating your own HomExpert Reports!

If you already have an ID click below to use the installers:

  1. Windows Based :
  2. MAC Based:

Need Help? Contact the HelpDesk at 866-210-7378

NOTE: If you have already installed Agent Metrics you can find the following Icon on your desktop to log on:

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