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Maintaing your Zillow/Trulia Profile

How to log onto your already existing Zillow Profile

Your profile on Zillow was auto generated when you had your first listing sent to Zillow from Fox and Roach.  The profile will be created with any information that is found in ARC.  So if your cell numbers and agent photo were not entered into ARC, you will need to manually adjust your profile on Trulia/Zillow.

To log onto your profile, you will use the Email address that was sent with the listing. This would be your email address that you have in ARC.

Since the Zillow/Trulia Merger the Updates from ZIllow ill carry over to Trulia within a few hours.

If you had been with another brokerage, you will want to combine the two profiles into one. You can contact  Let them know your current, past and any other emails that you may have used with Zillow.

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