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Linking Custom Domain URL Name to Agent Website

Q: How do I link my domain (URL) name to my ARC website?
A: At your domain registrar:
1. Log into the account you created with your domain registrar - Go Daddy, Network Solutions, etc.

2. Once you have logged into your account with your domain registrar, find the area in your account where you can edit the DNS records for your domain name
Every domain registrar's account interface is different so this may require a little bit of exploration. Links that take you to areas of your account where you can edit or manage your domain name are likely places to look. If you cannot find this information anywhere in your account, please contact the support staff of your domain registrar for assistance.

3. Edit the A Record for your domain name to use the IP address
To point your domain name to your AgentAchieve website, you will need to edit the A record (the “address record” – sometimes labeled “@” ) for your domain (URL). This record holds the IP address of the server that is hosting your AgentAchieve website. Please use the IP address
**Please do not use domain forwarding; edit the A record as shown above instead. Several features of ARC agent website will not work correctly if domain forwarding is used.

4. Optional: Add a CNAME Record for your “www” sub-domain
To ensure that requesters who add “www.” when entering your domain name arrive at your website, you may wish to also add a CNAME record. The CNAME record points the www subdomain correctly to a Host Name. Please use the Host Name

1. Click on websites, dashboard and scroll down to the manage URL's section and click Advanced
2. Under Personal Domain, select Point an existing domain name to this website
3. In the next screen, take the default selection for Through a domain registrar, such as, Network Solutions, Dotster,, etc. and click Next
4. Enter your domain name (without the www) and select if you want this domain to be your primary domain for your ARC website and click Next
That should do it and within 12 hours (based on DNS propagation) your domain will be active under the ARC website.

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