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How to Import .CSV file into ARC

If you do not have a tempalte you can use this one: ARC Import Template.csv

1.Logon into “” with your ARC username and password.

2.Click “Contacts”,

3. On the left side pane, click on “Import/Export”,

4.Select “Import your contact database from another source into the AgentAchive system”, then click “next ,

5.Select which of the supported application you will be importing. If it’s standard csv file select “Microsoft Excel or Other. CSV File (i.e Must be a .CSV file – not .TXT or .XLS)”, then click “next”,

6.Locate and select the CSV file, then click “Open”,

7.Click “Next,

8.Use the  dropdown menu to match the available fields from your .CSV file, and hit “next when you’re done,

9.Click “Import Contacts!”.

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