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How to set up wireless on Windows 8

How To: Setup Wireless on Windows 8

Follow these steps if you were unsuccessful at signing into the FoxRoach-Private network after entering your network ID and Password when first trying to connect to the network.

1. On the lower right corner of your screen click on your wireless connection symbol

2. On the list of wireless networks that appear Right Click on FoxRoach-Private and choose Forget this Network. Do the same for FoxRoach-Guest. If you do not get the option to forget move to step #3.

3. Move mouse in upper right corner of your screen to display your menu bar and click on Settings.

4. On the menu that comes up click on Control Panel

5. Depending on the view of your Control Panel you want to click on the following icon

  1. Network and Sharing Center icon or
  2. Under Network and Internet View network status and tasks

5. Under Change your network settings click on Set up a new connection or network link.

6. On the next screen select Manually connect to a wireless network and Next.

7. The next screen will be blank and you will need to fill out the information like is illustrated below. You must type FoxRoach-Private exactly as shown. For Security type choose WPA2-Enterprise from the dropdown. Click Next when done.

8. You should see Successfully added FoxRoach-Private. Click on Change connection settings.

9. On the next screen you will see a Connection tab and a Security tab.

10. Click on the Security tab.

11. Now click on Settings. Make sure you uncheck the box for “Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate”.

12. Click on the Configure button and make sure the following box is unchecked like is illustrated below. Click OK and OK again which will bring you back to the Security tab screen.

13. On the Security tab screen click on the Advanced settings button.

14. Check the box for Specify authentication mode: like I have below and in the drop down list choose User authentication.

15. Now click on the Save credentials button after selecting the User authentication. On the User name and Password screen that comes up you want to put your network username and password. This is your firstnamelastname (no space or dots) and your network password. This is the same id and password that you use to sign into the company computers in the office. Click OK, OK and Close.

16. After a brief time you will see that you are now connected to the FoxRoach-Private network.

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