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How to check Internet Explorer version in Windows 7


How to check Internet Explorer Version in Windows 7

a. Open Internet Explorer

b. Then, click on the Gear at the top right (Inline image 1), or if you have the menus, go to Help > About Internet Explorer

That will give you the Internet Explorer version installed on your system.

If you are a are a Windows 8 user, chances are that you are running Internet Explorer 11 already. The above instructions are applicable to Windows 8 users. In the event you are running Internet Explorer in Windows 8 mode (in other words in full screen), click on the page options icon (), choose view on desktop, then you would be able to follow the above instructions.

In case you are a Windows 10 user, you don't have to worry, Windows 10 comes with the a new browser called Microsoft Edge, and also has Internet Explorer 11 in case you need it.

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