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Convert Mac Contacts into .csv

How to convert MAC/Apple .vcf file into a .csv file:

Manually Exporting your Apple Contacts

  1. Open the Applications menu.

    Mac Applications Menu

  2. Select Contacts.

    Contacts Icon

  3. Select the contact list you would like to export (e.g., All Contacts).

    Contact List

  4. From the Contacts menu, select File, Export, then Export vCard... .

    Export File

  5. Give your file a descriptive name, then select the location where you would like to save it.

    Save Contacts

  6. To convert the contacts' vCard to a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file, you will need to use a third-party converter.
  7. Using the converter, select the vCard file you saved in the previous step.

    Convert vCard to .CSV File

  8. For each of the two "Format:"drop down menus, select CSV and Comma, then check the Add header line box.

    Contacts Format Type

  9. Next to the "Filter:" field, uncheck the box labelled vCards with e-mail only. To finish the process, select convert to save the .csv file.
    • Note: Your .csv file will be saved in the Downloads folder.

    Contacts Filter Type

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